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Introducing: Testo Boost Excel

When it comes to working hard, you’re no stranger. But as you age, that hard work can lead diminishing results.  Why?  Because of a drop in the hormone that makes you a man—testosterone.  But what if we told you there was a way to not only restore your testosterone production, but get you performing at the peak of your game?  With Test Boost Excel, you’re getting that, and one better.  Test Boost Excel is a breakthrough new natural testosterone booster that can deliver real, beneficial results.  Ready to try out Test Boost Excel?  Click the image to see if you qualify for a free trial bottle.  Hurry, spots are extremely limited.

Test Boost Excel is quickly making the rounds in the supplement community.  And, to be honest, the excitement surrounding this testo booster is very much justified.  That’s because Testo Boost Excel is transcending what we think of when we think about workout supplements.  First, it’s boosting testosterone.  That’s a necessity if you’re over 40.  Additionally, it’s working on some key areas that really make it stand out, including; improved stamina, boosted libido and desire, drive, and even muscle mass maintenance.  If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to body perfection (or even just a better dad bod), then now’s your chance.  Click the button to get started!

Test Boost Excel: At a Glance

  • Class: Testo Booster
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars
  • Efficacy: 5/5 Stars
  • Price: 5/5 Stars
  • Safety 4/5 Stars

How Does Test Boost Excel Work?

Test Boost Excel works by introducing a set of exciting, natural ingredients to the digestive system.  There, they’re digested and immediately released into the bloodstream. The ingredients included are designed to do a few things.  First, boost testosterone.  The Free Testosterone Stimulator (more on this later) fulfills that duty nicely.  An anti-catabolic proprietary blend helps to keep your muscles growing, instead of disappearing.  Combined, you’re boosting testosterone, and the muscle growth that comes with it.  Add to that a nice effect on libido and you have an all around health supplement that can net you some great benefits.

Reviews for Test Boost Excel

The interesting thing about covering new products is that you’re never sure how a supplement is going to fare in terms of popularity.  So when we see a product that is getting critical acclaim within the industry, and it has the guts to back it up, we hope it does well, but there’s no guarantee.  Maybe they don’t have the marketing to take advantage of that industry excitement, or maybe there is some type of production hiccup that shakes things up.  You never know, really.  So we’re going to hold off talking about reviews for Test Boost Excel until we see more on the subject.  Make sure to check back, as we’ll be updating this page as the reviews come in. Have a rating you want to share?  Click the star buttons at the bottom of the page to add your rating to our community rating for Test Boost Excel.

Test Boost Excel Can…

  • Boost Testo FAST
  • Improve Energy Levels!
  • Improve Muscle Retention
  • Increase Your Libido
  • Free Trial Available

Where To Buy Test Boost Excel

Test Boost Excel is currently getting ready for launch.  What does that mean?  Basically that the product is ready, the trial is live, and they’re just waiting for their advertising partners to start pushing the product to consumers.  We’ve gotten lucky to find this one so early, but we think that a lot of review sites will start popping up to cover it soon.   Based on the information we’re seeing, we think that TB Excel is going to have a few buying options.  The main one they’re going to push will be the trial format.  This option has the capacity to build long term customers, and has proven to be effective for many companies.  Let’s take a closer look at their proposed trial format.

The Test Boost Excel Trial Program

Trials are starting to be the standard in muscle supplements.  Love it, hate it, it doesn’t matter.  As long as companies know they’re going to make money doing it, they’ll keep doing it.  But for some companies, the motive isn’t just to make money.  The makers of Test Boost Excel seem to be in it for the right reasons.  They’re allowing new, qualified customers to access a bottle of the product at a fairly nominal cost.  The price we’re seeing is $4.95 for shipping the 30 day supply.  The trial is short, at 14 days total, but should give ample time for people to get a feel for how the pills will work.  Have any questions about the trial?  Keep reading to see our list of frequently asked questions for test boost excel, or click the banner to get access to additional trial information.

Test Boost Excel trial access

Test Boost Excel Ingredients

  • Calcium (45mg)
  • Anticatabolic Complex (2mg)
  • Rhodiola Extract (as Rhodiola Crenulata) Root
  • Free (Active) Testosterone Stimulator (2mg)
  • Boron Citrate (100mg)
  • Active Boron (5mg)

As you can see from the list, there are a few common ingredients, like calcium and the two boron types.  Then there is a herbal Rhodiola root extract as well.  So what does Rhodiola do?  We’ve seen rhodiola used in everything from endurance increasing supplements, to remedies for altitude sickness.  It’s commonly used as an herbal spot treatment for weakness.   There are differences in strains, as noted by some research into the matter.  There seems to be a difference between the Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese and Indian strains.  That could explain why some tests show it being more effective than others. 

Test Boost Excel Ingredient Info; Continued

But Rhodiola Extract is just one piece of a complex set of ingredients.  Let’s look at the most interesting two parts of the formula; the Anticatabolic Complex and Free Active Testosterone Stimulator.  These ingredients are most likely ingredient blends, meaning that they’re going to be a combination of ingredients that are patented by the company.  The amounts they’re using do give us pause, though.  Let’s unpack them a little bit.

Anticatabolic Complex (2mg)

It’s hard to say what’s going to be in the anticatabolic complex, and because it’s only present at 2mg, we’re betting that it’s some kind of highly concentrated extract.  But what does anticatabolic mean?  Catabolic essentially equates to a muscle state that allows existing muscle to take less of a priority, and consequently being reabsorbed by the body.  So by saying they’re including an anticatabolic complex, it means that the ingredients are included to help prevent that process form occurring, resulting in a prolonged anabolic, or muscle building state. 

Possible Ingredients in the Anticatabolic Complex

There are a few ingredients that can help get this going, and ones that we highly suspect will be in that complex.  A few of the more common ones include;

  • Casein Protein – Casein is a protein found in the milk of animals.  It digests slowly, and works to improve amino acid body plasma levels.  Because it digests slowly, it works longer as an anti-catablic.  It’s a good one to take at night.
  • Conjugated Lineolic Acid – CLA is thought to help build muscle, while preventing the decrease in muscle brought on by catabolic periods.  It’s thought to help the body move into a fat-burning mode, instead of the muscle burning (catabolic) mode.
  • BCAA’s – If you’ve ever used a muscle building supplement, chances are you’ve used BCAA’s.  BCAA’s, or branched chain amino acids, are huge when it comes to muscle.  In fact, they’re over a 1/3 of what makes up your muscles in the first place.  They’re helpful in converting amino acids to usable energy, and, because they prevent catabolism, they’re a great inclusion in muscle building supplements like Test Boost Excel.

Free Testosterone Stimulator (2mg)

Because Test Boost Excel pills are billed primarily as a testo booster, this is a crucial component of the formula.  But because it’s a proprietary blend, or ingredient, we’re left to guess as to what they’re actually using.  In the amount they’re using (2mg) we think that Test Boost Excel is going to be favoring a high concentration extract of some sort.  But if we look at other popular supplements, they’re using this same type of proprietary blend name to incorporate boron as an ingredient.  So, is that what they’re doing in this formula?  We’ll let you know when we find out.

Test Boost Excel Ingredients: Final Thoughts

The ingredients in this one are backed by studies, and because they provide an in-depth ingredient list, we think that the formula for the Test Boost Excel supplement is a great one.  That seems to be the consensus, too.  Most people we’ve talked to within the industry who have looked at the formula seem to share the thought that this formula is going to change a lot of things in the industry. 

Test Boost Excel Testosterone Booster FAQ

Is Test Boost Excel Effective?

This is a tough question to answer.  We can’t say a definitive “yes”, because somebody in Arkansas will jump out of the woodwork and say it didn’t work for them.  Judging by the ingredients and the amounts of the ingredients, we think that it will work for most people.  But that’s why the trial is there.  You can try the product and see if it works for you before you enroll in the autoship program.

What Happens If I Keep The Trial Bottle?

When you decide to keep the trial bottle for Test Boost Excel, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the autoship program.  This program sends you a bottle every thirty days for the full advertised price of the bottle.  That bottle lasts 30 days on the nose when used correctly, so it makes sense for a lot of people to stay enrolled.  After all, you’re going to want to stay enrolled after you see what this supplement can do for you.  The price is slightly expensive for some, but it’s fair for what the supplement is capable of.

Does Test Boost Excel Have Side Effects?

Test Boost Excel has a fairly innocuous blend of ingredients.  We don’t think that they’re going to have any major side effects, but then again, we’re not doctors, or nutritionists, just hobby fitness freaks.  The most common side effects for natural supplements like these are stomach aches, or other forms of gastric discomfort.   But before you start any supplement, you should take a look at the ingredient label.  If there is anything there that might cause issues, then you know not to take it.  Or, if you’re unsure of whether or not they might cause issues, talk to your doctor.  They went to med school, probably.  Either that or they’re like a catch me if you can sort, so you can’t doubt their drive, right?

Why Should I Take Test Boost Excel?

The biggest reason we point to when we get asked this question is the drop in testosterone levels that men experience as they age.  After the age of 30, testosterone decline starts to rear its ugly head.  That decrease continues to grow as you get older, and if you’re unlucky, it might even be occurring at higher levels than regular.  If you feel yourself getting slower, fatter, and more and more out of shape even when you’re able to work out regularly, this is might be the answer for you. 

When Do I See Results?

Alright, stop checking your watch buddy.  This is an ongoing process, and one that will happen as you continue to take Test Boost Excel.  We expect that most people will see results within a week.  The cumulative effects building over the course of two months.  After that, the benefits will plateau, leaving you with the optimal benefits for the long term.  That’s just an educated guess, by the way.  If you want more information on when to expect results, check with the company.

Anything I Can Do To Speed Up My Results?

Workout.  Eat Right.  That’s really the gist of it.  But to be less glib, we think that it’s important to follow a regular workout schedule that incorporates strength and cardio training.  We tend to skip the cardio portion, and go for playing sports.  We like playing basketball, or riding mountain bike.  There is really nothing like competition to get your testosterone going, and the cardio and explosive movement can get you the high intensity exercise you need.  Biking is another one, as it can up your adrenaline, which can help you boost your testosterone further.

When Will I Get My Order?

According to the info supplied by Test Boost Excel, orders are shipped via USPS first class mail, and should arrive within three to five business days.  They don’t send out orders on weekends or holidays, so keep that in mind.  Shipping time is dependent on location, and we think that orders will be limited to US only at the moment.

Why Are We Seeing It Advertised As Testo Boost Excel?

Good question.  We think that there might be some competition that they’re trying to avoid, or maybe they’re trying to make sure that people who mistakenly spell it testo can still find the site.  No matter what you call it, Testo Boost Excel, or Test Boost Excel, it’s the same product.

Are There Any Good Pairings For Testo Boost Excel?

This is one of the most asked questions we get when we look at new muscle products. There are potentially endless combinations or stacks you can try, but sometimes adding another supplement that doesn’t stack well can derail the whole process.  One of the things we like to look for is that the supplement we’re stacking it with fulfills a similar, but different role to the one we’re taking.  So with Testo Boost Excel, we wouldn’t be stacking it with another testosterone booster.  Instead we would look for something more performance related in terms of supplements. But something that pairs well with just about every supplement is a good protein powder.  But what qualifies a good protein powder?  One that doesn’t have a lot of added junk.  We like plain, whey protein that is unflavored.  That way we can add in what we want instead of getting a ton of artificial sweeteners, or even stimulants that you’ll find in popular whey supplements.

Testo Boost Excel and Apple Cider Vinegar

Hang on, hang on…what? Isn’t that a weight loss thing?  We’ve been seeing it everywhere, though.  So there must be some substance behind all that marketing, right?  We don’t really see the connection.  Apple Cider vinegar is thought to help with digestion, and digestive efficiency, so it might help with how well you’re absorbing the supplement.  But we think the stack is unnecessary for a lot of people.  If you feel like you’re getting a lot of bloating and gas after eating, then this might be a good pairing for you.

Test Boost Excel and Max Nitric Oxide

The recommended pairing we’re seeing for Test Boost Excel is Max Nitric Oxide.  That kind of comes back around to what we were saying earlier.  A good nitric oxide booster is the perfect kind of supplement you want to stack with a testo booster, so stacking these two makes a lot of sense.  Combine that with the idea that they’re made by the company with the idea that you should use them together, and it’s a safe bet that buying both will get you better results.  You can check them both out by heading to the trial page.

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